Jim's Journal

Getting It Back – The road to condition 

This is me, in 2009, 6.5 years ago. That’s the tip of The Tooth, a wonderful outcrop of rocks at the peak of The Tooth of Time in the Philmont scout reservation, Cimerron, NM, USA. After 10 days and 89 miles of backpacking with my son and a patrol of Boyscouts – I was in the best shape I had been in over 20 years. Close to 145 lbs, banging out sets of sit-ups and push-ups every morning – eating less or the same calories that I was burning.   
 Here I am last summer in The White Mountains of Arizona, USA. Weighing in at 175 and trudging up those peaks. It wasn’t as fun, and sure wasn’t easy.  

If it weren’t for being out there with my son – I wouldn’t have done it.  
I finally got my physical this month – the news I expected.  Cholesterol is too high, blood pressure was okay but not great.  Liver enzymes through the roof. NASH has come back and there is no question the fat content in my liver is way too high. So this might me the wake up call I need. 

At 50 years old, work either becomes tiresome or a pleasure. For me the work I’m doing now isn’t easy but it’s not tiresome either.  I know what I’m doing and I do it better than most. So it has to be this, my health, that wears me out.  The drag on my psyche is a self defeating cycle.  I feel tired so I don’t “do” – I don’t “do” so I feel tired. 

Yesterday I walked 9.75 miles up and down 2,000 feet in the Georgia mountains over several glorious hours. This has to be the start of something. This is the beginning of the road to condition.