Jim's Journal

Looking back to look forward, and look for good. 

Too much to say these days, my mind is in a scattering bunch of tasks and trials.  Less time to think but when I do it often goes to unsettled times. Pondering a bit as I prepare to watch our ballerina Maia perform here in Columbia, SC

Today I was thinking of that amazing and scary time after Intuit. As I did a little wandering and wondering what was next after 9 years, looking inward, then outward. Am I any more settled now?

 I was recalling that interesting and a bit crazy day. Christmas Eve 2014 I had nothing to do. Had been in Midtown for an appointment and had that wonderous encounter with George

I took a risk last July with a new journey and a new company. It’s been full of surprises and a little bit of Déjà vu from my time at Magnet (another startup I helped to grow back in 97). I thought I had it all together – then it all got crazy, then a path appears and the journey continues. This journey has me tied up in knots sometimes and I know the best way out is to think of George – I need to just look for good and the way will come through. 

Early Spring is here in Georgia: Trillium.